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In Memory of Uncle Eddie...

As a group we have had the utmost honor and blessing of sharing time, music and laughs with Eddie Paihinui. Uncle Eddie took the time to share with us many wonderful songs, strums, and most importantly, true aloha. On November 10th, he left us and is now playing his pedal steel guitar high above us all. Uncle Eddie, we are forever grateful for you and the generous lessons you taught us. May your family know how loved you are by so many. You are ali'i.

For our guests, please enjoy some pictures of this wonderful kupuna who was a part of many happy memories.

Who we are:

da Ukes...
"The Wizard"
da Guitar & Bass...
"Yea Baby"
"Boom Boom"
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Show Calendar:

  • Saturday, December 1st, 2012 -
    Convalescent Home Performance

Our special thanks and acknowledgements to:


The one who first encouraged us to get together to learn while she taught our wives beautiful hula. She taught us music and dance...but most importantly, the culture and what aloha means.

Auntie Maelani

Thank you for all of your teachings and Aloha! We hope to continue to grow in our appreciation of Hawaiian music with your help and love!

Uncle Lance

Thank you for your time and efforts to help us hone our singing and appreciation for quality traditional Hawaiian music.

Uncle Eddie

For playing alongside us at performances and practices and encouraging us to give our music to anyone who will let us. You are a special musician and an even more special person.

James "Kimo"

An original Kolohe Bruddah and a positive force for us getting together regularly so that we could better honor our dancing wives with true understanding of the music we play. Thank you James, you are always a bruddah.

[koh loh' heh]
Rascal, Naughty, Mischievous.

Our Mission: To have a blast hanging out together, watching our beautiful wahine dance, eat great fish, and maybe even strum a little music.

Our Motto: "If we played as well as we eat, we'd be pretty darn good."

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